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“John is one of the most consistent inspectors I have had the pleasure of working with in my 15 years as a real estate agent/broker. Most importantly, my clients really enjoy the care and details in which he treats each inspection as do I. He is professional and up to date on important issues that home owners face when selling or buying a home in Austin, Tx”

Kendred M


“I recommend John / Exact Inspections to all my clients for their home inspections, first and foremost because he takes the time to be thorough and does a complete inspection. His friendly disposition and ability to explain his findings to the potential homeowner as well as his detailed written reports are invaluable. I know that if there is an issue, or potential issue, with a property John will find it, and report it accurately.”

Brad M, Austin TX

“We have had a number of inspections done over the years. Yours is the most thorough and professional. Very impressive.”
Scott Z. Kyle, TX


“Thanks John for another excellent inspection. We took the items we thought were the most important to us, and gave them to the agent. We were able to get the items repaired before making our decision to move ahead.”

Arthur T

“I am very happy with the service John from Exact Inspections provided. He was very detailed and professional, but what gave me the most confidence in working with him was his desire to make sure I fully understood his assessment. He has the heart of the teacher not someone looking to collect a paycheck.”
Casey D, Austin TX


“My client hired Exact Inspections to inspect their first home. I was very impressed with John Ogleton’s professionalism and explaining the inspection where my client could understand. In the future I look forward to working with John Ogleton and Exact Inspection….”

Allen D, Austin TX